<< I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. I have been very busy in the lab and had almost broken through when that [–] moron decided it would be a good idea to kidnap someone and bring them here. Fucking radical.......politics....Have the tides changed there yet? Doubtful. >>

<< He recognized me from the library incident and called me an inspiration. >>

<< I was forced to disarm him. >>

<< I was trying to decide what to do with the both of them when I started to smell smoke and saw flames bending into the doorway. That entire lab is tinder and fuel, not to mention the bone-dry forest all around. I had to stop it. So braced myself, aimed the pistol at the ceiling and shot until the reservoir burst through. The water flooded the room and sent both the bureaucrat and the nutjob streaming out the doorway and down the hill. Then I disappeared. >>

<< I know they're raiding my plants right now but it's alright; I've brought the ones I need most and have curated a seed library to preserve the rest. They are in a safe place. I am too. Inform the Sunyata Group that the time is not now – but soon. >>

<< So far I can only shift in time, not yet in space. Sometimes I find it funny. That I can travel thousands or millions of years in an instant but remain imprisoned by the location of my physical body.  Also, each time I go, my memory of this timeline gets weaker. Each time I feel like I'm leaving a little of myself there and it's becoming more difficult to return. That's why I need to recruit others – to share the burden of experimentation. I can never risk forgetting altogether why we started this. >> 

<< But I almost have it cracked, and I know I will find her. I'm close. I can see her in the flickers of the candlelight and the shadows they dance on the wall. I love you. >>