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24 May 2014


Trial of Mrs. Alex Ascher


They want you to pay for healthcare for your family? They want you to work two shit jobs while your kids are being raised by someone else or not at all, and you're paying for that too. Kids are raising themselves and one another, and their lives are either sold to them by a corporate congress oligarchy or stolen from them by brute force. Reward the rich with dividends and the tax the poor with bail. And if you can't pay your Blinded by the propaganda of a beurocratic empire vitiated! American democracy is an illusion, a disease sold by those selling an illusory cure. And contrary to what your government and its followers would have you believe, we are not exceptional. Ethics does not recognize man-made political boundaries; debasement is global. And corrupt are connecting with corruptible en masse and with revolutionary speed. This addiction to money. Stop manufacturing lawyers whose raison detre is to circumvent the law, stop manufacturing lifelong masters and lifelong servants, stop manufacturing corrupt doctors who accept bribes to transform illness addicts into health addicts, stop manufacturing bankers who prey on poverty addicts and flip them into luxury addicts, stop manufacturing broken teachers and malformed students! Stop selling the war on drugs to everyone, because we never could afford to pay! Not during prohibition of alcohol and not during this post-modern age of the Mass Prohibition Industrial Complex. Cut heads cut costs.

You've reverted back to 2D! All squarely and resolutely divided on one side or the other of screens and lenses, civilizations walking sideways

Are we all just going to keep pretending that we don't see that giant fucking empty lots surrounding this obnoxiously-well-funded library – empty lots surrounded by man-high fences to keep man from challenging the corporate occupation of space. (pointing down at the busy and pungent mezzanine) These groundlings must traffic on the piss-dirty streets while despots commute to the moon! They have you convinced that they own those lots, but those lots are built, bought, and sold by tycoons who swindled one another into imbuing the trade process itself with arbitrary, quantifiable value. It's all just a computer game played by sad, old, racist men with gambling addictions and more money than their progeny could statistically ever spend before the death of this earth or the evolution of the species. Is that who you serve?